August is like the Sunday of Summer.

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#summer17: Well guys this summer has been great to me, which is why I have been MIA. Although I was still busy working my a** off, between three jobs, I took all the extra time spending it with people I adore the most. If you’re from Alberta, you know that our weather can be a mess. Our winters drag on so when the days are nice everyone is eager to soak up the sun. During my summer I was fortunate to take a couple road trips to Banff, hang out with friends, took my little brother to his first concert, went to Derby Day, watched a special friend get married and many pool days with the doggo, just to list a few! Of course with the good comes the bad; two of my really close friends moved to BC for employment purposes. It was a bitter sweet moment – times two – it saddens me they are gone but I am so proud and excited for the both of them; #POhoesforeva. And the hardest part recently happened; my great gramma passed away. She was a beautiful soul and lived a good life. This was just another reminder of how important family is and to cherish every part of life! We love you gramma, rest in peace angel. 

As I reflect on my summer I am so thankful for the people around me and all the time I was able to enjoy with them. The moment is short but the memories are forever.

Since I am obsessed with my cameras and photos and can NEVERliterally never, decide which photos to post on IG or Facebook *the struggle is real hey?* I decided to share some of my summer moments here!



I hope everyone made amazing summer memories! What is your favourite summer memory?


This is life with Ottis.



I know I have mentioned my dog, Ottis, in a lot of posts but no one really knows what its like to live with the little bugger. Being a dog parent has a lot of “yay” moments but it also have a lot of “oh boy” moments. Ottis is a very smart dog so it didn’t take long for us to train him; however, he still has moments where I think to myself “you know better.” Although those moments don’t happen often; we work through it. He is patient with us and we are patient with him.  Here are some things about life with Ottis:

  • I completely spoil the dog, not in materialistic things but more so letting him on our upstairs couch or giving him extra treats. So what I spoil him, we only live once! Obvs Garrett hates when I spoil him and then I get the “you wonder why he doesn’t listen to you..” ugh I just can’t help it!!
  • I wish Ottis could have an abundance of toys to keep him busy, but it ain’t possible. His teeth rip through everything and his big ass mouth ruins just about anything he puts in it (Kong’s included).
    **disclaimer: he will ONLY destroy toys (not people, not kids, not cats, etc. I hope you all get my point here) … they just don’t make strong toys for strong dogs. simple.  #pitbulladvocate.
  • Ottis loves sticks. way. to. much. If he has a stick he wants nothing to do with anyone. He will pick up sticks everywhere we go, he will even try to pull branches off trees. This is a true story.
  • Ottis is very polite. He will sit and wait to eat his food until we give him the thumbs up. I mean he does start salivating, sometimes … but don’t we all?
  • After every shower that either Garrett or I take, Ottis jumps in the bathtub because he loves to drink water out of it. Gross, I know. But hey, at least he is a dog and not a human child!
  • He is obsessed with being in the car but he also super annoying about it. He gets so hyper that he whines. We don’t know why but he does and it is nothing but annoying *can’t I enjoy my music in peace, damn!*
  • Every time we buy Ottis a new bed he usually sleeps on the floor, right. be. side. it. … alright goodbye $60. And when he sleeps he is curled in the tightest little ball. I still don’t understand how he does it *shrugs shoulders*
  • He absolutely loves kids of all ages. Yes he sometimes knocks them down, but it is by accident. He really doesn’t know his own size and weight #teamthick. 
  • Whenever Garrett leaves for work in the morning, Ottis sneaks onto the bed to cuddle. It is the cutest thing ever but he knows he shouldn’t be on the bed [which is why he waits for Garrett to leave].
  • Ottis is constantly under our feet, especially mine (mamas boy much?). Every where I walk, he is tripping me or he is whining to be by me. I haven’t peed alone in two years, nope Ottis is always right there staring me in the eyes. Even when I have my own bath time, he tries to get in… umm no!
  • Last but not least: Everyday he showers us with so. much. love. no matter what. No matter how mad we are with him he loves us and well it’s simple, we love him no matter what as well. There is nothing better then coming home to a pup who is uncontrollably happy to see you, especially when you’re having a bad day.

I am constantly taking photos of Ottis; these are some cute snaps I captured of the menace the other day. Enjoy! Leave a comment below I would love to here about your pup! 


“a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”


Top: Pet Valu



Photo Diary: Happy 2nd Birthday King Ottis

Last year for Ottis’ first birthday I posted a bunch a pictures from when we first saw him until his first birthday. Now some of y’all are probably thinking “this lady is crazy it’s just a dog.” Well that’s nice that you think that but Ottis is a huge part of our lives; he is our family, much like a child. We have many good days with him and we have bad days [where he is just always getting into something] but none the less he has become our family and I can’t imagine life without him. When Garrett works evening it’s Ottis and I, and on weekends we try to bring him everywhere we can (lots of visits to auntie, gramma, and the besties house).

Ottis taught us how to be patient and he loves us everyday; no matter what. 

Anyways, I guess I will consider Ottis’ birthday post to be a tradition .. so you can expect to see a bunch of cute pictures of my pup on June 28 every year!





Find out what this Champagne Queen uses in her hair

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect hair products? Amen to everyone who said yes!

Alright so since my last hair post, Let’s Talk Hair, I know I said I would do a follow up to outline the products I use. So here I am! I’ve set some time aside to do this and although I wanted a follow up to happen a lot sooner, I am actually happy I waited because I switched a lot of the products I use since that last blog post.

During this hair journey of mine, it honestly feels as though I have used every product dedicated to African-American hair. But hey you need to find what works, especially for your hair, it is kind of like make-up. I would never buy make-up that would not benefit my skin or that did not match my skin colour; so this is very similar and patience is key! Anyways, I did a ton of researching, I looked for products that promoted the following: moisture, curl enhancer, and light weight products. After reading many different websites and reading blog posts there are tons of reviews that will help educate you but just like everything else, you  will never know if the product works until you try! With that being said you cannot assume what works for someone will work for you. I got discouraged throughout this journey many times because I wanted my hair to turn out the way others did but then I reminded myself, we are all different and no two people are the same. So yes you might have to try many products before you find what works for you but once you find it, it will cost you less in the long run.

Here is a list of my favourite to date products:

  • Monat Hair System – Shampoo, Hair Mask & Leave-in Conditioner
  • Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula – Spray Oil
  • Olive Oil (I only use this if my hair is feeling extra dry or when I leave my hair in its natural state)
  • Shea Moisture – Extra Moisture Transitioning Milk (this is a great product if you are growing out your relaxed hair!)
  • and believe it or not … Rosemary Essential Oil … rosemary oil helps with hair loss; now although I do not have that problem, my ends do break quiet often so I use it to strengthen them (I prefer Rosemary from doTERRA, but at the time I didn’t know about doTERRA. Shop here: )


After using these products I still blow out my hair and use a straightener as my curls aren’t quite where I would like them to be! At this end of this I hope to be able to manage my hair in a way that make my curls pop!

I would love you know your hair routine and favourite products! comment below.

** Disclaimer: The information is based on my personal opinion, I am not being paid to promote any of the above listed products. And remember what works for me might not be a good fit for you, but keep on trying! Good luck in your hair journey! 


Cappsule Tribe 2017


On May 27, 2017 I had the opportunity to attend a fashion show that Cappsule Tribe was hosting. That was just one portion of the day, Cappsule Tribe hosted a full day conference, or as they call it an “un-conference.”


“For one day and one night, Canada’s most northern metropolitan city and Treaty Six Land hosts some of the world’s top influencers to learn, share, and celebrate enlightened thinking and innovation. Rest assured that it will be Millennial as ****.” 


“More than just a buzzword innovation is a disruptive culture that requires people who love what they do to come together for a common purpose: to share world-class ideas that creat real value. Entrepreneurs, government, artists, enterprise and universities all have roles to fill to place innovation at the forefont.” 


“The Tribe if for those that believe ideas and connections are worth far more then just money. They get together for a series of intimate talks, workshops, parties, and meals geared towards building powerful communities and to support a generation of great, world-conquering companies.” 


The complete un-conference was a series of speakers, mass mediation, a VIP dinner, a fashion show and of course the after party.

I did not attend the whole un-conference; however, Twitter was buzzing with updates and people really seemed to enjoy the morning/day portion of the event. I attended the fashion show, which was located on the 16th floor of the EPCOR Tower; let. me. tell. you. I instantly fell in love with the space so much so that I was already planning some kind of party to have there! LOL. I thought the location was fitting for a fashion show; it is what I invasion some fashion shows in New York to be like. The room was raw and the view of the city really enhanced the experience. It was beautiful from up there!

Before the show started, they were serving alcoholic beverages and people were able to network, listen to music and take pictures. The chairs were all lined up perfectly and each VIP seat had a gift nicely placed on the seat (which included a mug from Remedy Cafe, coupons, tea, and chocolates). The vibe at the fashion show was poppin’, everyone was having a great time and enjoying the music – especially when Kanye came on, it ain’t a fashion show until you play Kanye!

Overall, my whole experience from the show was great! Cappsule Tribe encourages young people aka Millennials to show and express their creativity.  Check out some of my pics from the show!

The styles featured in the show were looks from: Gravity Pope, The Helm, Kit and Ace, Hudson’s Bay, and Simons.

Event Producers: Jessica Clark – JCStyling, Production World Studios, Mode Models, Epcor Tower, The Wanderer, UberHaute

For more info & pictures check out: #cappsuletribe2017 & Cappsule Tribe



Busy life.

Alright, I know I said I would like to be more consistent with my blog posts but lets all remember, life happens. Sometimes the things you would like to do get put on the back burner. Meh.

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Here’s a little update on what this Champagne Queen has been up to. I continue to maintain two jobs, one full time day job and the other a casual youth worker, and recently obtained another youth worker job. You guys are probably thinking “how the heck does she do it?” Here’s the thing, I love keeping myself busy, and I absolutely love my jobs(and money, duh). Right now I don’t have children…. so I suppose this is the time to work! Since Garrett and I purchased our home two years ago, there is still a lot of things that need to be done; the biggest being the landscaping – can you believe we haven’t had a deck for two years, damn! Owning a home is so wonderful don’t get me wrong but those expenses can get annoying. So I tell people all the time, I’m young, we want to travel and have beautiful things for our home and of course a backyard for Ottis. So when we spoil ourselves we do not have to feel bad about it! 

With that I have been working on myself, both mentally and physically. I keep my workout/healthy lifestyle private, because, well I’m doing it for myself, so I don’t think I need to share it with people – y’all are probably wondering why I am even bringing it up then? – well that’s because I have made a promise to myself to go to the gym six days a week and meal prep. So honestly that takes up a huge portion of my spare time when I am not working. And of course I need to have a healthy balance and see friends and family. Leaving me little time to be creative through my blog, learning my camera, and even crafting. Since I have started exercising consistently and eating healthier, I have found myself to have better sleeps, more energy, less bloating and feeling more confident! Does it get that much better then that?


I realize I need to slow down and remember there is more to life then working, but at this time right now in my life, my career is very important to me. I am super motivated and I am always wanting to learn more and be apart of more things that involve my job. As far as my changed lifestyle, I do it to stay healthy and to work towards my weight goal. I am still learning how to balance my life and believe me, it can be hard. I still have  moments when I break down and cry. I literally cry for no reason. Which reminds me that time for myself is important. I battle life just like everyone else. I am truly thankful for everything that I am able to do. I’ve got great people around me and I have the bestest best friend and of course an amazing significant other. They both motivate me and remind me that I am allowed to have a break. So although life gets busy, push yourself to take time for yourself!

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I remind myself everyday to take time for myself; this Sunday I had that “ah-ha” moment where I said, “although I am busy, I am going to pull out my camera and work them angles!” I felt cute af and just wanted to show my creativity through the camera and playing around with editing my pictures.

** And when you are feeling beautiful, feel beautiful! Don’t feel as if you are acting cocky or egotistical. I think a lot of people (women especially) think if they are feeling beautiful it makes them look self-centered. I don’t believe that for one bit, who gives a damn! Y’all show the world how beautiful you are! I was comparing myself to someone I saw online and I told Garrett I wish I looked like that individual and his response was simply …babe just be you, I love you.” There is no need to compare yourself to anyone!

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“those are beautiful”

IMG_2520Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset

“you’re actually an artist I love it”

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Top: Dynamite | Skirt: Target | Watch: Apple Watch | Bracelets: a little store in Banff, AB


Feelin’ Myself.


Happy Thursday y’all. As I was taking my pup, Ottis, to a play date with his pup friend Ace, I put on a outfit and I looked in the mirror and said “dammm champagne Kezzy, you looking fly.”  So I thought to myself, why not put my tripod to use and show the world my outfit. I hope you are feeling as fly as I was in these pictures! 

img_1581Version 2img_1608img_1571img_1601img_1603img_1567

Top: Urban Outfitters | Jeans: Simons | Shoes: Footlocker | Earrings: Kate Spade




A Sneak Peak into this Champagne Queen’s Home!

Ah this Sunday I woke up and had an itch to redecorate my wall cabinets. For some reason when I took down the Christmas decor I had I hard time visualizing how to place my items to make it look pretty. Which is interesting because it usually comes naturally to me (not to brag or anything), I love decorating, seriously sometimes I wonder why I didn’t go into marketing or an event planner. Maybe that’s supposed to happen in my past life? Anyways, this Sunday I spent making my home look even more beautiful then it already is.

Here’s what I did with my wall cabinets… take a look and tell me your thoughts! PS. Don’t mind the awful glare!


cabinets: IKEA | console table: IKEA | champagne picture: Home Sense | poka dot vase: Kate Spade | black amperstamp: gifted to me from Karissa | lantern: Superstore | fairy lights and vase: Home Sense | wickless candle: Scentsy | white frames: IKEA | pineapple: Home Sense | black frame: gifted to me from Kim | books: Chapters | white amperstamp: Home Sense | world globe: Home Sense | picture stands: Michael’s Crafts


Photo Diary : K & G & of course Ottis

Almost 8 years later, Garrett and I finally got pictures done together. My best friend gifted us with the most thoughtful gift ever … a photo shoot! I was almost speechless when she told me what it was. I thought to myself “holy crap we will actually have nice pictures and holy crap my bestie is the bomb.” Although we originally wanted the pictures in time for Christmas (so that we could gift our family with our beautiful faces) it didn’t quite happen that way, but looking at the stunning photos I am beyond happy we waited. The day was prefect, it was sunny and luckily it wasn’t very cold, giving us a lot more options in terms of clothing .. there was no way I wanted to wear a bulky coat!

Photo day came and the photographer told us to go to Whitemud Park, we have never been there so figuring out our clothing was semi difficul because we didn’t know what to expect. Needless to say, because it is winter we went with neutral colours. As we were finding outfits we both asked ourselves “in ten years when we look back at these picture’s are we doing to be embarrassed with our clothing choice?” So that made it easy, neutral and simple because you can’t go wrong with that!

Since we received over 200 photos, I will only showcase a few to give you guys a taste! Tell me what you think of our pictures. 


Seriously, how the heck do people always take professional photos with their dogs!! Don’t be fooled by the flawless pictures, Ottis was a bit of menace, luckily we had a ton of treats which semi helped!

Her Outfit – Top: Urban Behaviour | Pants: Aritzia | Scarf: Aritzia | Shoes: Call it Spring
His Outfit – Top: H&M | Jacket: H&M | Pants: Simons | Shoes: Footlocker

Photo’s by Nicole Marie – check her out – Facebook: Nicole Marie Photography | Instagram: nicolemarieyeg | Webiste: Nicole Marie Photography


Let’s Talk Hair!

It has been one year since I decided to do the transformation from chemically straightened hair aka relaxed to natural hair. The biggest reason, was not only to have healthy hair but to embrace the curls that I never got to know, I hope I do not regret this, I mean these things could be wild who knows, damn! I am 26 years old and I have no clue what my natural curl looks like, which is pretty sad. I envy those women out their who are rocking their curls, don’t ever change it. So let me break this down for y’all since the whole “relaxer” thing can be confusing.

When women get their hair relaxed, what we are doing is literally relaxing the curl. We are doing such in order to mange our hair; that is really the biggest reason. For most of us our curls are tight and we have no clue how to manage them or style them, so of course relaxing it makes our hair straight and easy to deal with. Not only is it easier for our hair but straight hair is seen as “normal,” of course being a youngin’ going to school with “wild curls” was not ideal ! Afro curls can make some people feel embarrassed about their hair and let’s be real kids can be bullies.

People who are trying to grow out their relaxer know it is not an easy task and let. me. tell. you. Picture this when a brunette person dyes their hair blonde and it starts to grow out you can see their brunette come through and that is considered their “new growth.” Well growing out the relaxer is the same way except the new hair/growth coming through is curly, tight curls might I add. And well, washing and combing our hair becomes that much more difficult. Since our hair naturally grows slow, I have about 2 inches left of relaxer that needs to be grown out, in order for my hair to be curly from my roots to my ends. During the year I had to turn to “protective hair styles” which can be braids, waves, and crochet braids just to name a few. Basically a protective hair style is keeping your ends tucked away … hence the meaning protective hairstyles. Other people might do “the big chop,” this is when they decide to grow out their relaxer and they literally cut off all or most of their hair so it will grow back naturally. When it comes to our hair, it is extremely fragile and our ends break more often then other hair types, so it is best to wear protective hairstyles in the winter months when it is extremely dry.

As I go through this hair journey, I hope to keep you all updated, and honestly I did a horrible job at taking pictures but below you will see my results from a year and some of the protective hair styles I decided to wear. Stay tuned for a post listing all my favourite hair products! Which hair style should I do next?


The picture on the left was taken February 14, 2016 & the right was taken on January 17, 2017. I am not quiet ready to leave my hair out curly because I have straight ends (do to having some relaxer left) but I hope in the next few months I can show off a full head of curls !

If you are in the YEG area check out my girl Adisha, she did all the above hair styles and she is truly the bomb!
Facebook: HairbyAdisha and Instagram: miss_antonie_